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RAVE – The Uglies August 5, 2009

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Call me what you will… nerd, geek, dork… I have heard them all before and I will hear them all again if I continue extolling the virtues of the first book in the Uglies Trilogy. I’m a sucker for a good dystopian novel, despite my normally uber-optimistic outlook on life. And The Uglies is a fabulous dystopian story set in a society where instead of a Not-So-Sweet 16 Party, everyone gets to be knock out gorgeous via massive plastic surgery on their 16th birthday. Tally, the main character, has been looking forward to becoming “pretty” ever since she became an “ugly” at the age of 12. But when she meets a new friend who isn’t so sure that being pretty is the best thing in the world, she learns more than she bargained for about true beauty.
Westerfeld managed to build a world that is comparable to one of my favorite YA dystopian authors, Lois Lowry. The best part of Westerfeld’s first book in the trilogy? It was long enough to make me feel like I had the full story without being too much information. That’s a fine line, but Westerfeld walked it like a champion tightrope walker.
And to think, I almost passed this series up because I judged a book by its cover! Literally. I didn’t even read the back cover the first few times I passed by this book sitting on the bookshelf. I thought, OMG, yet another YA book about bratty teenage girls… blah blah blah… Boy was I ever wrong!

If you’re looking for a great dystopian novel that actually answers some of the questions it presents, check out the Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. You won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 9 of 10


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